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Team Building





Unique, effective Training

Simply put, professional development sticks when it’s engaging.  And, that’s what we do.  We make training and team more engaging, more useful, and more fun.


Fun Outings & Events

Do something different for your next outing.  We provide interactive and fun entertainment that is the opposite of boring. Host an outing your team will remember!


innovative workshops

Looking for new ways to tackle your business problems?  We shape practical exercises and collaborative workshops to help you overcome business challenges.

Build / Strengthen Relationships

Shape culture

Train new hires / retrain legacies

Develop leaders

increase collaboration

Build a better organization


All of that using improv?

Yes...all of that using improv.


Don't believe us....check out what CNN and Chicago Tribune have to say about improv training.


At the capacity sessions with our technical staff, westside studio b emphasized the importance of connecting,  listening, and embracing the "Yes, and…", all in a challenging but non-threatening environment.  The engineers who attended enthusiastically apply the principles they learned, and we see the results.

Debra Dicke / Nokia, Chicago Technical Center Leader

How It Works

Improv is a team sport.  So, when we work together we work as a team.  From start to finish.

  • We customize our workshops and approaches to address your specific needs.
  • Expect some conversation along the way.  We’ll connect throughout to make sure things are on track and on point.
  • We prefer to get you out of your usual digs.  We can take point on scheduling off-site spaces for our sessions.
  • The fun - and the learning - doesn’t end when a workshop’s over.  We provide you access to our exclusive Partner Portal so that you can tap into bits of wisdom whenever you want.

Like anything else in life or in business, improv takes practice.  To get to a point where you and your organization is truly living with the principles we teach, we can work with you on an ongoing basis.  

The first step is to schedule a consultation call to discuss your needs and get to know one another.