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The Big Idea

Working with all kinds of organizations, from corporations to community groups, we apply the principles - not to mention the fun - of improv to help create stronger relationships, foster more productive collaboration, and unlock more powerful creativity.

How We Do It


The Impact of Improv

Active listening

Improved awareness and adaptability


Harnessing the power of a team

Creating new ideas and new directions




Improv teaches us how to be truly present, become active listeners, and in turn strengthen relationships.  From leadership training to team building, Studio B programs help you forge stronger working relationships so you can do great things together.




In improv, like in any organization, each person on a team brings with them their own strengths and weaknesses.  When a team comes together as an ensemble, though, each player knows how everyone fits and the result is the ability to create something wonderful together.  Through collaborative workshops, Studio B helps you create new ways of working, transforming your team into an ensemble.




Improv cultivates a spirit of acceptance where we are able to share our ideas freely and without judgment.  This is how improvisers are able to create something out of nothing right before your eyes on the stage.  Studio B can help you do the same thing.  Whether it’s facilitating sessions to help you get to new ideas or helping you craft those ideas to put them out into the world, we help you get the most out of people’s creativity.



june 2018

We invited westside studio b to Hawaii to train US Army chaplains and religious affairs specialists to relate to others using improv skills.

The participants were fully engaged and enthusiastic. They learned practical skills while having fun, so that those skills are now deeply ingrained. They built bonds with each other, resulting in a stronger team.

Chaplain (Major) Patrick LothianUS Army, Brigade Chaplain